Uniting the Business Around Process Analysis Data

Tuesday, May 22
11:00 - 11:35 am

Foundries are one of the core businesses many people tend to think of when imagining industrial manufacturing. As a result, it’s often considered an old-fashioned industry without a lot of room for improvement. But Jim Lagrant, vice president of engineering at Palmer Foundry, will share how he has been working not just to bring Palmer Foundry’s operations up to date, but position the company for industry’s digital future by going as far as to directly connect the company’s production operations and enterprise business functions around the same set of tools. Some of the insights Lagrant will discuss include how Palmer Foundry:

  • Collects time-based data from non-automated equipment
  • Implements methods for upgrading manual processes to increase control and data collection
  • Automates the collection and analysis of transactional data
  • Standardizes and automates data charting
  • Applies production process analysis tools to the business side of the company’s operations.