Exhibitors & Sponsors

Automation Conference & Expo offers companies a focused venue for connecting with automation professionals across all industries, including manufacturing, processing and packaging operations. Our program is designed to facilitate networking and includes a limited number of tabletop exhibits. For information about exhibiting and sponsorships, please contact your PMMI Media Group sales rep or Kurt Belisle at 815-549-1034.

Lapp is one of the world’s leading providers of cables, leads, cable accessories and systems of the highest level of quality. Our products are used throughout the world in automotive plants, machine tools, instrumentation, medical electronics, telecommunications, robotics, industrial automation, transportation, general industrial control systems, and many more applications.

The Siemens Digital Factory Division supports the entire value chain of its industrial customers – from product design to production and services – with an unmatched combination of automation technology, industrial control technology and industrial software.

Microflex, LLC provides a line of HART protocol modems and RS-485 converters that provide the communications link to smart devices, sensors, and controllers. Microflex modems and converters are known for their rugged proven reliability and guaranteed software compatibility.  Microflex is introducing a line of industrial process bar displays at the 2018 Automation Conference & Expo. These innovative displays make it easy to monitor almost any process on an over 3-feet high two column multi-color LED bar graph.

Rockwell Automation is the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation, serving customers in more than 80 countries. We understand the needs of manufacturers and the best opportunities for productivity in their industries. Rockwell is dedicated to making the world more sustainable through our innovative technology including The Connected Enterprise, which drives the future of smarter, safer, and more sustainable manufacturing.  Throughout the world, our flagship Allen-Bradley® and Rockwell Software® product brands are recognized for innovation and excellence.

Hilscher North America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH, specializes in products, technologies and services at the leading edge of industrial communications.

Opto 22 manufactures reliable, easy-to-use hardware and software products for industrial automation, energy management, remote monitoring, and data acquisition. The company's latest product, groov, makes it easy to build mobile operator interfaces to virtually any system, with no programming. Authorized users can securely monitor and control systems.

PTC helps companies around the world reinvent the way they design, manufacture, operate, and service things in and for a smart, connected world. Our leading industrial innovation platform and field-proven solutions enable you to unlock value at the convergence of the physical and digital worlds.

Bimba Manufacturing Company provides industry-leading pneumatic, hydraulic and electric solutions, including a variety of stainless steel body air cylinders that are easy-to-use, reliable and ready for your engineering challenges.

Moxa is a leading provider of industrial networking, computing, and automation solutions for enabling the Industrial Internet of Things. With over 25 years of industry experience, Moxa has connected more than 30 million devices worldwide and has a distribution and service network that reaches customers in more than 70 countries.

At Inductive Automation, our mission is to create industrial software that empowers our customers to swiftly turn great ideas into reality by removing all technological and economic obstacles. By crosspollinating IT with SCADA technologies, we created Ignition software, the first universal industrial application platform with unlimited potential.


B&R, a member of the ABB Group, is an innovative automation company with headquarters in Austria and offices all around the world. As a global leader in industrial automation, B&R combines state-of-the-art technology with advanced engineering to provide customers in virtually every industry with complete solutions for machine and factory automation, motion control, HMI and integrated safety technology. With Industrial IoT communication standards like OPC UA, POWERLINK and openSAFETY as well as the powerful Automation Studio software development environment, B&R is constantly redefining the future of automation engineering. The innovative spirit that keeps B&R at the forefront of industrial automation is driven by a commitment to simplifying processes and exceeding customer expectations.

Universal Robots has reinvented industrial robotics with the lightweight and flexible UR robot arms. The Danish-designed collaborative robots (cobots) automate production in all industries – even in SMBs that regard automation as costly, cumbersome, and difficult to integrate. The robots can work alongside personnel and are easily moved around production sites to complete even the most detailed tasks. Programming is intuitive, eliminating the need for skilled programmers; simply grab the robot arm to show it the desired movement, or use the touch screen. The robots are sold in over 50 countries worldwide, typical ROI is 3 – 8 months.

ICONICS, a longtime Microsoft Gold Partner and three-time Microsoft Partner of the Year award winner, including the CityNext and Sustainability Partner of the Year, provides solutions to improve productivity, reduce integration time and operating costs, and optimize asset utilization with visualization and automation software. Founded in 1986, ICONICS has 350,000 installations in over 80 countries worldwide. ICONICS meets the demanding application challenges of the automotive, building automation, food and beverage, government infrastructure, manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, utilities and water/wastewater industries. As a managed Microsoft ISV Partner, ICONICS designs its solutions to leverage Microsoft technologies, including Windows 10, Microsoft Azure, Windows Server, Microsoft .NET, SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint.

STEUTE has specialized in designing and manufacturing unique solutions for industrial control and automation applications for more than 60 years. Our broad range of industrial-grade, wireless switches, sensors, command devices, receivers and network gateways each have the appropriate operating frequencies and the necessary Certifications for the intended countries of use - including cCSAus, FCC, IC, et al. Our staff of 300 employees understands your need to utilize the most robust product possible for the environmental conditions and performance demands of your application. With offices in 30 countries, our worldwide team is ready to listen to your needs and share our ideas for a rugged, reliable, customized solution for your specific requirements. We would welcome your call for a no-obligation application consultation.

Pilz is a leading, innovative automation technology company offering integrated safety management from the simplest safety sensor to complete plant risk assessment. As experts in the safety of human, machine and the environment, Pilz provides worldwide, customer-oriented solutions for all industries. This includes innovative products and services in the areas of safe sensor technology, Control technology, Drive technology, Operator and visualization systems, consulting, engineering and training.

SMC Corporation of America is a part of a global organization that supports our customers in every industrialized country, and is the U.S. subsidiary of SMC Corporation based in Japan. Since its establishment, SMC has been a leader in pneumatic technology, providing industry with technology and products to support automation based on the guiding principle of “contributing to automation labor savings in industry.”

Seeq is a visual analytics solution for process manufacturing data. Seeq’s multiple applications enable users to rapidly investigate and share insights from data stored in enterprise data historians—such as OSIsoft PI, Honeywell PHD, and GE Proficy—as well as contextual data sources such as SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL. Typical tasks benefitting from Seeq include data wrangling, production analytics, and reporting. Users include process engineers, data scientists, plant managers, and operations staff. Plant engineers and subject matter experts (SME) use Seeq to analyze and improve production outcomes. Seeq’s support for time series data and its challenges – connecting, displaying, interpolating, cleansing, and contextualization as examples – relieves engineers of hours and days of futility spent finding insights in process manufacturing data. Seeq enables engineers to get more value from data already collected, and enables organizations to access and execute on those insights.

TOSIBOX® Plug & Go™ technology is the world’s first, patented hardware based remote access solution. TOSIBOX® creates a fully secure remote connection between devices. The infrastructure is set up within a few minutes and does not require special IT skills. Also the management of devices and user groups is remarkably easy. The award-winning solution performs at the highest security levels in the industry. It’s not a cloud service, but a direct VPN tunnel between the physical devices. Only trusted devices can access the network. The data between devices is not discharged at any time, but always runs along its own private highway. TOSIBOX® technology is widely recognized as the industry standard for secure IoT connectivity in industrial automation. It enables real-time data collection and provides a cost-effective and easily expandable solution in which the infrastructure expands at the same pace as your business. TOSIBOX® – Take the lead.

Maplesoft has provided mathematics-based software solutions to educators, engineers, and researchers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for over 25 years. Maplesoft’s flagship product, Maple, combines the world’s most powerful mathematics engine with an interface that makes it extremely easy to analyze, explore, visualize, and solve mathematical problems. Building on this technology, the product line includes solutions for online assessment, system-level modeling and simulation, and online STEM courseware. Maplesoft products and services are used by more than 8000 educational institutions, research labs, and companies, in over 90 countries.

As a global specialist in Motion Centric Automation, Lenze offers you products, drive solutions, complete automation systems, engineering services and tools from a single source. We are one of the few providers in the industry who are with you through the entire development process of your machine – from initial ideas to the after-sales, from the control system all the way to the drive shaft. With our motivated and committed approach, we'll work together with you to create the best possible solution that will set your ideas in motion - regardless of whether you are looking to optimize an existing machine or develop a new one. Our top priority and the focus of our action is you!

Aventics is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pneumatic components and systems. The pneumatic engineering company provides products and services for industrial automation, as well as the food, packaging, medical, and energy technology industries. The company also develops solutions for the commercial vehicles, marine, and railway technology sectors.

By integrating electronics, the use of state-of-the-art materials, and focusing on machine safety and the Internet of Things (Industry 4.0), Aventics is a pioneer in applied and environmentally-friendly solutions. Aventics is preparing for the future by expanding its approach to digitalization.

”The time where Industrial IoT is secure, simple and scalable is finally here!
Secomea is a global leading company within the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0 and Secure Remote Access. With a unique emphasis on making the solutions easy to install, setup and use, we have been providing stellar technology to some of the worlds largest organizations. “iiotme” is the enabler and empowerer to kickstart your journey as a company of the 21st century. We are a privately held company with a worldwide network of distributors, and branch offices in USA, Canada, Denmark, Japan and China.
Boost your efforts within industrial IoT and soar to new heights with iiotme - Industrial IoT Made Easy.”

Horner Automation Group designs, builds, and markets a wide array of industrial All-in-One controllers, consisting of programmable HMI, I/O, software and peripherals for the Industrial, Process Control and Building Automation markets.

Newark element14 is a high-service distributor of technology products, services and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair. Bringing together the latest products, services, and development software, all connected to an innovative online engineering community where purchasers and engineers can access peers and experts.

Allied Electronics is a high service level distributor of industrial automation products, electronic components, and electromechanical products with more than 45 sales offices serving the United States, Mexico, and Canada. With more than three million parts available at thinkallied.com, Allied is able to provide product solutions to a wide range of customers.

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) is an international open network organization founded in 2000 dedicated to the technical development and promotion of the CC-Link family of open automation networks. Its main activities include the development of CC-Link IE and CC-Link technical specifications, conducting of conformance tests, development support, and promotion of the CC-Link technologies. The CLPA's key technology is CC-Link IE, the world's first and only open gigabit Ethernet for automation and an ideal solution for IIoT & Industry 4.0 applications due to its unmatched bandwidth. CC-Link IE is an open industrial automation network that process control, information & diagnostics to provide efficient, integrated factory-wide industrial & process automation. Delivering 'IIoT Ready' high speed, deterministic communication seamlessly linking a wide variety of automation devices. The CC-Link IE Field Ethernet-based network operates at 1Gbit, providing extremely fast and inherently deterministic communication from the field/sensor/actuator level to the control level of a manufacturing operation.