Matt Tyler

Matt Tyler

President/CEO, Vickers Engineering

How Automation Can Expand Your Business and Your Profits

Tuesday, May 22
8:50 - 9:25 am

Matt Tyler, president and CEO of Vickers Engineering and Red Rabbit Automation, will share how his company expanded its capabilities and reach through greater use of automation technologies. Vickers is a supplier to Toyota, Lexus and Honda, as well as companies in the oil & gas, agriculture and defense industries and parent company of Red Rabbit Automation.

Based on experience at Vickers, Matt will explain why the impact of robots and advanced automation in your facility is not a job killer and how the embrace of automation has enabled Vickers to double its payroll, increase it revenues by a factor of five, and increase the safety of its production operations. He'll also share how Vickers Engineering and Red Rabbit leverage training from industry suppliers to upskill their workers and what the increasing use of automation around the globe means to the average U.S. manufacturer.