Technology Workshop

Benson Hougland

Benson Hougland

Opto 22

Overcoming IT Obstacles with Edge Computing

Tuesday, May 22
4:25 - 5:05 pm

You have an idea about how to reduce unplanned downtime, generate new reports, provide dashboards to your systems, and harness the power of cloud computing, including machine learning and predictive maintenance.
However, you just realized you’re going to need a lot of help from your Information Technology (IT) department to see your project through. Databases, firewalls, ports, VPNs, API keys, and cloud connections can be obstacles to getting started and ultimately achieving your goals.
But there’s another way: apply edge computing and associated technologies like MQTT, Node-RED, and cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services.
This workshop is designed for automation engineers, managers, and developers who need or want to move data from control systems and devices into company software applications and online services (and vice versa). In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Where the “edge” is on your network
  • What edge computing looks like and how it can be securely applied to automation and controls
  • How to use industrial MQTT to exchange device data freely among devices and applications, with little or no IT involvement
  • When to move data to an on-site database, and when to consider cloud platforms
  • Why edge computing makes sense for automation projects now and into the future