Technology Workshop

Kyle Kidwell

Kyle Kidwell

Technical Application Development Engineer for the Great Lakes Region, Universal Robots

Cobots in Vision Applications

Tuesday, May 22
4:25 - 5:05 pm

Automation is an intriguing industry which presents some of the most innovative technologies in use, however with these technologies arise a set of challenges in integration and implementation when focused around robotics and machine vision.  Universal Robots (UR) focuses on making automation easier to bring to fruition by providing easily deployable robotics systems.  The company has launched UR+, a unique ecosystem of 3rd party developers collaborating with UR in developing products certified to work seamlessly with the UR robots. Vision systems are a major part of the new UR+ product portfolio that has aided UR in providing vision guided co-bot systems that are fast to integrate and deploy. 

This workshop will address critical factors in vision guided robotics deployment:

  • Calibrating the vision system and robot such that the data each produce is “usable” by the other system
  • Setup of a vision system
    • Acquiring an image
    • Setting up inspection tools (part location)
    • Sending/receiving data
  • Programming a robot
    • Basic Programming (Teaching waypoints, pick and place, etc.)
    • Sending/receiving data with a camera
    • Moving based on positional feedback from a camera