Technology Workshop

Philip Bard

Philip Bard

Applications Engineer, PTC

Integrate Legacy Equipment with Modern Assets for Industrial IoT

Tuesday, May 22
2:40 - 3:20 pm

Any manufacturer who hopes to stay competitive in today’s market needs a connected factory. But legacy machines—often critical to operations—can be extremely difficult to connect and integrate into an IoT ecosystem. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of three different strategies for integrating legacy machines—as well as a framework for exploring which approach will best fit your unique needs. This session also includes in-depth examinations of factors (such as cost-effectiveness, connectivity efficiency, functionality flexibility, and more) to consider when integrating legacy data with modern smart manufacturing tools.

Who Should Attend? Anyone interested in:  

  • Exploring the business value—and competitive necessity—of integrating legacy machines with modern equipment for complete visibility into operations.
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of three integration strategies, and considering how each relates to connectivity, flexibility, scalability, cost effectiveness, and overall benefits to the enterprise.
  • Learning the questions you can ask to identify the right integration methodology for your organization’s specific goals. 
  • Investigating the different avenues and applications for the data collected from your legacy devices – from Visualization and Alarming to Mobile Application and Augmented Reality Experiences.