2014 Presenters
Kyle Chase
Kyle Chase,
Kymera Systems

With 10 years experience working in the process industry, Kyle has been involved in the oil and gas, water/wastewater, power generation and manufacturing markets. He is well versed in process automation and control, software development, data system integration, and advanced network implementations.

Brian W. Segulin
Brian W. Segulin,
Senior Software Developer,

Brian W. Segulin is a senior software developer at RoviSys. He has over 25 years of experience designing and developing software solutions for integration, scheduling and adaptive modeling. He has done work in the process industries including metals, glass, oil and gas, paper, and food and beverage. He specializes in integrating legacy systems with state of the art control solutions. Brian has been working with OpenVMS for over 30 years.

Tim Beissel
Tim Beissel,
Automation Engineer,

Tim Beissel is an automation engineer for ArcelorMittal located in East Chicago, Indiana. He has over 35 years of experience designing and developing software solutions in the manufacturing sector. He has always worked in an operating environment providing 24x7 technical support. Tim has been working with OpenVMS for over 35 years.

Jeremy Hamilton, John Deere
Jeremy Hamilton,
Factory Automation Competency Lead for MES Integration & Data Collection,
John Deere

Jeremy Hamilton is the Factory Automation Competency Lead for MES Integration and Data Collection at John Deere. One of his current projects involves global OPC integration into John Deere’s manufacturing execution and data collection systems. He has worked in engineering at John Deere since 2006, following his graduation from Iowa State University with a degree in electrical engineering.

Alex Chausovsky
Alex Chausovsky,
Research Manager and Principal Analyst,

Alex Chausovsky is the research manager and principal analyst of IHS’ Motor Driven Equipment group. His areas of expertise include industrial motors, motor controls, generators, geared products, end-equipment such as pumps, fans and compressors, and industrial energy efficiency. Alex holds a BBA in International Business from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Texas State University.

John Ruffing, Sprint
John Ruffing,
Technical Lead/Solutions Architect,

John Ruffing has spent the past 29 years in the technology sector serving businesses in the role of Technical Lead/Solutions Architect. He has designed and implemented countless custom industrial solutions for manufacturing and logistics. His background includes software development of database applications and embedded devices.

During his tenure with Sprint, John has worked on the qualification team in development of Velocity, Sprint’s connected vehicle platform that enables Chrysler’s uConnect Access infotainment and connected vehicle system. Most recently, John has served as a member of Sprint’s Emerging Solutions Group as an M2M Solution Engineer as well as a subject matter expert on Sprint’s Cloud technologies team and their Remote Monitoring and Control SME team. During that time, his focus has been on developing custom solutions for industrial and manufacturing customers using cellular M2M (Machine-to-Machine/Internet of Things), ruggedized mobile tablets, specialized Cloud-based applications, and customizable products.

Dave R. Gaylord, Johnson Controls
Dave R. Gaylord,
Global MES Solution Architect,
Johnson Controls Power Solutions

David Gaylord is a Global MES Solution Architect whose 25+ year career has spanned the industrial automation space from electrical controls design through systems management and solutions design of state-of-the-art Manufacturing Operations Management solutions. Mr. Gaylord has worked for Fortune 500 companies in a variety of vertical industries including automotive, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, fine chemical, plastic injection molding, pulp and paper, and transportation and logistics. In his current role at Johnson Controls Mr. Gaylord is helping to lead an IT team through the requirements gathering and specification of a global MOM platform to support their growth strategy.

Doug Wilson, Bosch LLC
Doug Wilson,
Senior Associate Development Specialist,
Bosch Automotive

Doug is a member of the human resources department in the Bosch Anderson facility in South Carolina. Doug is responsible for the career development of over 230 technicians. In May, Doug created the Bosch Technical Scholars program in partnership with a local technical college to help graduates close the gap between the technical knowledge learned in school with applications common in industry. The Bosch Technical Scholars Program has been a tremendous success turning out qualified technicians. Doug spent 20+ years among the technician ranks at Bosch and is very familiar with the technical skills desired for applicants in the manufacturing industry.

Ted Stokes, Schneider Electric
Ted Stokes,
Engineering Manager,
Schneider Electric Manufacturing

Ted is the Engineering Manager for Schneider Electric’s Assembly Plant in Seneca, SC. His team provides the engineering expertise needed for building enclosed drive systems, electric vehicle chargers, and the Model 6 Motor Control Center. His engineering team is also responsible for Intelligent Motor Control Center (iMCC) applications containing industrial networking and automation products. He has more than 30 years of experience in automation and motor control. For 18 years he’s taught electrical motor and PLC courses at TriCounty Technical College, part time. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University.

Accounties Smith, Tri-County Technical College
Accounties Smith,
Program Coordinator,
TriCounty Technical College

Accounties Lashan Smith serves as the Program Coordinator for the Industrial Electronics Technology program at Tri-County Technical College. He also serves as an academic advisor for students interested in completing degrees in high demand Industrial and Electronics fields.During his tenure with Tri-County Technical College, Mr. Smith has assisted with fostering an academic environment that meets the needs of Industrial Manufacturing firms and companies looking to locate and invest in the Upstate Region of South Carolina. As a member of the College’s Business and Industry Advisory Committee, Mr. Smith has the opportunity to engage with several industry anchors such as Michelin North America, Robert Bosch, and Duke Energy, for the purpose of creating relevant curriculum for prospective students and current technicians.

Cheryl Garrison, Tri-County Technical College
Cheryl Garrison,
Coordinator of Job Placement,
TriCounty Technical College

Cheryl is currently the job placement coordinator at Tri-County Technical College in Pendleton, SC and is responsible for connecting students with industry for meaningful work-based learning experiences and full-time employment. A long time educator, Cheryl has combined her love of students and a passion for seeing them become successful working adults, with meeting the increasing demand for a skilled workforce in the South Carolina upstate counties of Anderson, Oconee and Pickens. Through collaboration with faculty, students and industry, opportunities for work-based learning experiences and the placement rate of students has increased by over 300% during her tenure. Cheryl received her undergraduate degree at Gardner Webb University and her master’s degree in education from Furman University.

Thomas J. Burke, OPC Foundation
Thomas J. Burke,
President and Executive Director,
OPC Foundation

Thomas J. Burke was one of the four founding members of the OPC Foundation and an architect for the OPC Data Access specification, which provided the initial standard for interoperability infrastructure between control devices and industrial automation software applications.

As president of the OPC Foundation, Tom supports its vision for OPC UA (Unified Architecture), the current generation multi-vendor, multiplatform service-oriented architecture that unifies all of the OPC specifications to provide a single standard for secure and reliable interoperability. Tom’s efforts have directly resulted in widespread adoption of OPC technology from embedded platforms through the enterprise. He is actively engaged in collaborations with other consortiums to provide information integration for their domains into industrial automation.

Lee Visci, General Motors
Lee Visci,
Advanced Vehicle Development & Vehicle Architecture,
General Motors

Lee Visci joined General Motors Corporation in 1977 as a General Motors Institute co-op student for AC Spark Plug Division in Flint, Michigan. Lee held assignments in Value Engineering and Market Research before her transfer to Saturn Corporation in 1986. While at Saturn, Lee had varied experiences in Engineering, including Body Structures, Doors, Compartment Integration, and Engineering Design.

Visci was promoted to the position of Director-Exterior for the Small Car Division of General Motors in 1998. She led various Exterior Engineering teams until 2002, when she was appointed Director – Vehicle Architecture, Body Frame Integral on April 1, 2002. Lee became the Assistant Vehicle Chief Engineer for the Cadillac CTS in 2004, and subsequently became the Vehicle Chief Engineer for Midsize Trucks in 2005 where she led the development and launch of the Hummer H3T with a global team split between Detroit and Sao Paulo, Brasil. Lee was responsible for Seat Engineering for General Motors North America between 2008 and 2012. She also held the title of BOM Leader – Seats, and was responsible for engineering and execution strategies for GM’s seat business globally. Lee joined the Advanced Vehicle Development team in 2012, where she is now responsible for all advanced vehicle programs in North America.

Lee was born into a GM family in Flint, Michigan. She earned a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree at General Motors Institute in 1982, Masters of Business Administration at the University of Michigan – Flint in 1986 and Masters of Business Administration as a Sloan Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2005. She has two amazing daughters and the best, most supportive husband in the world.

Kevin Wheeler, Highland Brewing Co.
Kevin Wheeler,
Director of Operations,
Highland Brewing Co.

After graduating from Connecticut College in 2000 with a degree in History, Wheeler was working as a mason’s tender, learning the trade of dry stack stone work in rural New England, when he decided to start out on his own somewhere new. Wheeler moved to Asheville in February of 2001 and worked as a handyman and for a canoe livery service until he landed a job at Highland Brewing in October of 2001 working on the packaging crew. While his degree was in History from a liberal arts college, Wheeler had grown up working with his hands and gained great experience with machinery as well as a wide variety of other trades. It was a natural fit. Over the years, Wheeler has grown with the company, first to the role of Packaging Supervisor and then to Operations Manager in 2007.

John Lyda, Highland Brewing Co.
John Lyda,
Sr. VP/Brewmaster,
Highland Brewing Co.

Head Brewer for 16 years and Vice President. A Siebel graduate and Asheville native, John has been with the company since its inception.


Randy Smith, Vicinity Manufacturing
Randy Smith,
Vicinity Manufacturing

Randy obtained a degree in finance and computer science and worked for the traditional public accounting firms directly out of college. Randy owns a consulting firm based out of Atlanta that serves batch-manufacturing companies. He's part Arkansas southern boy, part Yankee transplant from New Jersey and Ohio, living in Atlanta. With a background like that, who is better equipped to head Vicinity?

Cory Ross, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Cory Ross,
Senior Project Manager,
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Cory Ross is currently a Senior Project Manager at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.  In 1997, He received his degree in Industrial Technology with a focus in Manufacturing Management from CSUC and started his career with Sierra Nevada as a Bottling Line Supervisor.  Cory was promoted to Packaging Manager and while in that role managed multiple packaging expansion projects, the packaging department, as well as material procurement.  In the 15 year he has been with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., he has contributed to the growth by installing 7 production lines, including two in North Carolina.  Cory was moved into Project Management in preparation for the new brewery expansion and has assisted in the new facility’s construction, commissioning and the plant wide network architecture.  He currently manages continuous improvement projects within the two brewery locations.

David Mattes, Asguard Networks
David Mattes,
Founder & CEO,
Asguard Networks

David Mattes founded Asguard Networks to create products that address the challenge of managing connectivity and information security for Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Prior to Asguard Networks, David spent 13 years in Boeing’s R&D organization. At Boeing, David focused on ICS security issues, particularly on the challenge of segmenting connectivity for ICS devices into private networks and securely connecting them to and through Boeing’s Enterprise networks. David was the co-creator and technical and implementation lead on an architecture that not only satisfied Boeing’s InfoSec governance and security requirements, but also met the needs of the end users. In November of 2011, David was nominated for the Boeing R&D Engineer of the Year award. He received an MSEE from the University of Washington and a BSEE from the University of New Mexico.

Chris Lake, RedViking Engineering
Chris Lake,
Vice President of Engineering,
RedViking Engineering

As VP Engineering, Chris Lake manages the engineering staff and oversees the complete design and build of all RedViking mechanical systems projects. Lake graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.


Manufacturing/Packaging Track Presenters
Dale Andersen, Delkor
Dale Andersen,
Delkor Systems, Inc.

Dale Andersen is President and CEO of Delkor Systems, a leading U.S. manufacturer of packaging machinery based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Andersen joined Delkor in 1988 as a sales manager, and made the big leap in 1999 when he purchased the company.

Over the past 10 years, Delkor has become one of the fastest-growing packaging machinery manufacturers in North America, with an average organic growth of 20 percent annually. Andersen attributes Delkor’s success to the company’s strong emphasis on innovative product development, with a focus on designing packaging lines that offer intelligent processing and are adaptable to changing marketplace needs.

Andersen is currently a board member of the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI), which sponsors Pack Expo. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Food Science and Technology, and an MBA from the Carlson School of Management.

Tom Birkholz, 3M
Tom Birkholz,
Controls Project Engineer,

Tom Birkholz has served for as a Project Engineer at 3M Company for more than 30 years, designing and installing control systems for different 3M Divisions.


Anthony Peterson, Bush Brothers
Anthony Peterson,
Operations Area Manager,
Bush Brothers

Anthony Peterson will present on the topic of reporting downtime in realtime at Bush Brothers. Bush Brothers is a family-owned corporation best known for its Bush's Best brand canned baked beans (which are made from a closely guarded secret family recipe). The company produces approximately 80 percent of the canned baked beans consumed in the United States, representing estimated annual sales in excess of $400 million and the processing of more than 55 million pounds of beans per year.

Lee Miller
Lee Miller,
Director of Engineering – Machinery and Automation,

Lee Miller is a cross-functional team leader who is passionate about creativity and innovation in the packaging industry. He currently leads an engineering team at MWV focused on developing packaging machinery and automation solutions for the food, beverage and healthcare markets. Over the course of a 20-year career, Lee has been involved in the introduction of innovative products such as the Fridge Pack and Stack Pack beverage multipacks for soft drinks and Shellpak adherence packaging for prescription drugs. He is a graduate of Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia, and holds an MBA from Kennesaw State University.

Rod Emery, RedViking
Rod Emery,
Vice President,
RedViking Engineering

Roderick Emery is VP, Assembly and Integration at RedViking Engineering. Emery is a graduate from the University of Michigan, a recipient of the William J. Branstrom Award for Academic Excellence and is a licensed Professional Engineer. He has led numerous projects which resulted in patented technology and the development of highly engineered one of a kind equipment, machinery and automation. He is currently in charge of the Integrated Assembly Systems team.

Emery’s leadership experience includes engineering management of a large and diverse engineering staff including mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers, process engineers, engineering interns and technicians. Additionally, Emery has extensive experience in project and program management as well as operations management.

Processing Track Presenters
Ryan Drown
Ryan Drown,
Project Leader,
Matrix Technologies Inc.

After receiving his degree in Robotics, Ryan has spent the past 10 years using his design and programming skills on various control system projects involving robotic, PLC and HMI platforms. Although his diverse background includes work in the Automotive, Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries, he specializes in the Oil & Gas Industry. He has worked with a number of the major refineries such as BP, Husky and Marathon. Ryan’s experience as Senior Programmer has allowed him to help various companies improve their bottom line through automation improvements such as developing systems used for tracking, calculation, optimization and process control of manufacturing processes.

Dr. Raja R. Kadiyala
Dr. Raja R. Kadiyala,
Senior Technology Fellow and Global Technology Lead for Knowledge and Information Management ,

Dr. Raja R. Kadiyala is a Senior Technology Fellow and Global Technology Lead for Knowledge and Information Management for CH2M HILL. Dr. Kadiyala has also served as the Chief Technology Officer for the Management and Information Solutions group. Dr. Kadiyala has over 25 years of experience in advanced computing environments, real-time systems, and network computing and topologies. He is also experienced in software development and management along with system design with applications and theory in distributed systems, knowledge management and fusion, networks, enterprise application integration, distributed control, mobile computing platforms and embedded systems.

Dan Prudhoe
Dan Prudhoe,
Lead Software Developer, Industrial Applications Group,

Dan has been with Sherwin-Williams for 10 years. He is currently Lead Developer for the Industrial Applications Group. The team's focus is to fill in the gaps between Engineering, MES, and Business Intelligence with modern, scalable systems. Dan is responsible for the design and implementation of SCADA software and manufacturing intelligence solutions throughout Sherwin-Williams. Before joining the Industrial Applications group, he held positions as a SCADA/Historian software engineer and a data warehouse ETL developer. By applying his experience in data warehouse modeling and large data systems, Dan architected an enterprise historian using standard IT methods utilized in traditional business intelligence systems. The historian centrally integrates business information with process data from functional areas such as paint manufacturing, filling/packaging, and raw material storage throughout the company. In addition, Dan has designed frameworks to allow legacy MES/ERP applications to integrate with plant control systems.

Shadrach Stephens, The Dow Chemical Company
Shadrach Stephens,
Senior Instrument and Electrical Reliability Engineer,
The Dow Chemical Company

Shadrach Stephens is an Electrical Engineer with 10 years experience in project management, lean manufacturing, six-sigma, and reliability engineering. Mr. Shadrach is currently facilitating improvement teams as a Senior Instrument and Electrical Reliability Engineer at The Dow Chemical Company in Deer Park, Texas.

Christopher Garcia, The Dow Chemical Company
Christopher Garcia,
Instrument and Electrical Technology Leader,
The Dow Chemical Company

Christopher Garcia has 19 years of experience in the instrument and electrical discipline. He is currently an Instrument and Electrical Technology Leader for The Dow Chemical Company Maintenance Technical Service group (MTS) supporting the Houston Area Operation and Maintenance organizations. Mr. Garcia is currently pursuing a B.S. in Electrical Power Engineering Technology at The University of Houston

Ted Krevis, Sherwin Williams
Ted Krevis,
Manager of Industrial Applications Group,

Krevis manages a team responsible for creating and implementing IT solutions for industrial automation projects. The projects include SCADA systems, HMIs, operational dashboards and an enterprise historian. The team is also responsible for building software interfaces between factory floor systems and business systems. He has worked at Sherwin-Williams for 20 years and has held positions in engineering, plant process controls, and MES IT.

Sushma Narisetty-Gupta, Toronto Hydro
Sushma Narisetty-Gupta,
Electrical Engineer,
Toronto Hydro

Sushma Narisetty-Gupta P.Eng. M.Eng., is an Electrical Engineer with the Grid Solutions Engineering team at Toronto Hydro. She is responsible for the successful deployment of solutions to modernize the Toronto Hydro-Electric distribution grid to improve overall system reliability and improve customer service. The Grid Solutions team has successfully introduced feeder automation, transformer monitors, community energy storage, power line monitors, intelligent nodes and meter-ready transformers at Toronto Hydro. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Master’s degree in Electric Power Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Bob Leigh, LocalGrid Technologies
Bob Leigh,
LocalGrid Technologies

Bob Leigh, P.Eng, is the CEO of LocalGrid Technologies. LocalGrid solves asset integration challenges that distribution utilities face when adding renewables and developing a smarter power grid. Bob is dedicated to advancing renewable energy sources and is on the board of directors at WindShare, the wind power co-operative that installed the first urban wind turbine in North America. Bob graduated from Queen’s University with a degree in Mathematics Engineering and has used his education in control and communication systems to engineer embedded solutions for a variety of industries over the last 10 years.

Workshop Presenter
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas,
Senior Controls Engineer,
Axon, a division of Pro Mach

Christopher Thomas is a Senior Controls Engineer at Axon Incorporated, a division of Pro Mach. Chris earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. He started his career designing and installing building automation systems. Later, Chris moved into product engineering for variable frequency drives at Schneider Electric. He then worked on machine design and controls engineering for the OEM machines group at Schneider Electric. Currently, Chris is involved in the world of packaging machinery design, where he has embraced the use of PackML as a standard and is working to implement PackML on the majority of machines sold by Axon.

Axon is a leading designer and manufacturer of heat shrinkable sleeve labeling systems, as well as other integrated packaging products and solutions for both Fortune 500 companies and smaller, privately-held businesses that specialize in the production of food, beverage, health & beauty aids, household goods, and pharmaceuticals. The company is based in Raleigh, NC, and has thousands of installations worldwide.

Axon is powered by Pro Mach, a Cincinnati, Ohio based provider of integrated packaging products and solutions for food, beverage, household goods, pharmaceutical, and other diverse consumer and industrial companies. Through multiple business units and related brands, Pro Mach provides equipment, installation, training, parts, and service in primary and secondary packaging, flexible packaging, processing, end of line, material handling, and identification and tracking.

Panel Presenters
Tina Hull
Tina Hull,
Product Engineer, Safety,
OMRON Automation & Safety

With more than 17 years of experience as an engineer in the safety automation and robotics fields, Tina has a keen understanding of how people relate to machines and why they tend to bypass safety. In her years as a process engineer leading the charge for manufacturing quality, it became her passion to find practical ways to educate people on how to implement safety in their automation applications to help keep workers safe.

Kevin Davenport,
Senior Industry Manager,
Eddie Lee, Moxa
Eddie Lee,
Director of Marketing,
Moxa, Inc.
Michael Lindley
Michael Lindley,
Concept Systems

Michael holds a Master’s degree in Management and Information Systems from Western Oregon University and has worked with technology solution providers for the last 15 years. Michael is focused on teaming with people and organizations across all industries to build creative, effective automation solutions that solve complex problems and provide key advantages in clients manufacturing strategy. Michael has extensive background in project management, business development, program and product development, and management.

Joey Stubbs
Joey Stubbs,
PE, North American Representative of the EtherCAT Technology Group
Shane Duffy, B&B Electronics
Shane Duffy,
Fiber & Telecoms Product Manager and Site Leader,
B&B Electronics

Shane Duffy is B&B Electronics’ Fiber & Telecoms Product Manager and Site Leader for B&B Electronics’ Lake Forest, CA, team. He serves markets in North America, LAM, EMEA, and APAC.

A telecommunications data-networking expert, Duffy is a member of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), the defining body for Carrier Ethernet, and a certified MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (MEF-CECP). He graduated with 1st class honors in Information Technology and Business from the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Sari Germanos
Sari Germanos,
Technology Marketing Manager,
Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG)
Greg Richards, Siemens
Gregory Richards,
System Engineer,
Siemens Industry, Inc.

Greg Richards works for Siemens Industry as a System Engineer with his main focus on Factory Automation and Safety of machines. He is a certified Functional Safety Professional by TUV under IEC62061/ISO13849/IEC61508. He has over 20 years of automation and safety experience in the field.

Robert Lowe
Robert Lowe,
Executive Director,

Bob has been involved in industrial automation for many years, having worked in the metals industry for nineteen years before starting and managing a system integration company for eighteen years. This experience prepared Bob to become the CSIA Executive Director in 2009. The combined talents of Bob and AMPED, an association management company, has resulted in significant growth of CSIA membership and new programs for CSIA members.

Luigi De Bernardini
Luigi De Bernardini,
CEO, Autoware,

Luigi graduated as an Electrical Engineer in 1991 at Padua University. In 1996 he founded Autoware to manage MES/MOM projects in manufacturing facilities across four continents.

Stephen Blank
Stephen Blank,
CEO, Loman Control Systems,

Stephen holds an MBA and a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland. He has 19 years of experience working with control systems design and automation technologies.